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Greenhithe kitchen classic masterclass in colour harmony

Our clients purchased an existing modern home designed in the style of an English manor. Their mission was to transform it into a haven of style and good taste, while still working within the boundaries of the original build. The completed renovation is a beautifully resolved design that references classic Caribbean plantation style. The "before" and "after" kitchen photos say it all.

To fit seamlessly into the look, our designer, Wayne Church, has created a kitchen that echoes the space it inhabits. The shaker style,
together with richly patterned Taj Mahal quartzite stone, and paint colours, match perfectly with the parquet flooring and walls. The timber inlay handle complements the timber trim around the windows and doors. Integrated appliances ensure there is no distraction to the overall look, and the space is immaculately accessorized with cane shades, plants and furnishings.

KITCHEN DESIGN: Wayne Church/Neo Design