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Material Magic in Murrays Bay Kitchen

Designer Peta Davy, of Yellowfox, has taken an eclectic approach with the materials and surfaces used in this new entertainer's kitchen: timber veneer to the cupboards and overhead storage, two-pack polyurethane (Resene 1/8 Sago) to the drawers, composite stone benchtop and new floorboards in solid oak.

In less skilled hands, this combination could be overdone, but here, the overall look and feel is elegant, clean and uncomplicated. The designer's skilled use of colour and materials keeps the kitchen looking fresh, stylish and appealing.

The secret is restricting each material and colour to a primary use: timber to the overheads and pantry doors, polyurethane below the benchline, and the composite stone that forms

the top and sides of the island. This keeps the shapes in the kitchen simple and monolithic, maintaining a sense of order and calm to the overall scheme.

The entertainment unit, featuring frosted glass sliding doors, is a clever piece of design that conceals TV, sink, coffee maker, coffee bin and appliance shed.

KITCHEN DESIGN: Peta Davy/Yellowfox