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Choosing a kitchen designer is an important decision. You want someone who leaves their ego at home, listens to what you want, works within your budget, and then delivers a kitchen that is "even better than I imagined" .

Unlike some kitchen designers, Wayne Church and Aleisha Stanton offer more than just creative excellence: being part of a company that also manufactures and installs kitchens gives them practical experience and oversight at every part of the process. Their approach is very client-centred, recognising that every customer's needs are unique, and designing accordingly.
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Wayne Church    Aleisha Stanton
With over 15 years in all facets of cabinetmaking, Wayne has a wealth of skills. READ MORE>>
  Aleisha's designs reflect her belief that every client is unique. READ MORE>>

Book yourconsultation with Aleisha or Wayne on 09 443 4461 or email info@neodesign.co.nz