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Before building your new kitchen, here are answers to frequently asked questions

How much will my new kitchen cost? 

Kitchens come in an endless range of sizes, materials, styles and finishes. So do prices – from no-frills, budget-box kitchens at your local hardware store, right through to completely bespoke, handmade masterpieces.

There are 3 main costs associated with a new kitchen that you need to consider: 
1. The kitchen 
2. Other required trades
3. New appliances.

The Kitchen
Neo Design kitchens are completely custom-designed to order. We use proven manufacturing processes and high quality materials because we want your kitchen to last a long time. Your Neo kitchen includes design, manufacture, installation, benchtops, LED strip lighting, and hardware, including drawer runners, handles and the sink. It does not include sink mixers, any appliances, other trades, or general kitchen lighting. 

Other trades: We take care of installing your new cabinetry, but you'll need other trades to get your new kitchen up and running. This will certainly include an electrician and plumber, probably a builder, possibly a gasfitter, plasterer, painter and more. If you're building new, or doing a house-wide renovation, you'll already have these trades on-site. However, if you're just renewing your kitchen, allow an additional $10 – 20,000 for these, depending on the scope of your project. 

Appliances: If you’re getting a new kitchen, chances are you’ll be also be buying new appliances. Remember that if you decide to keep your existing appliances, they can limit design possibilities and affect the overall look of the finished kitchen. Standard oven, hob, fridge and extractor set-ups start from around $10,000.

Lighting: If you're re-doing the kitchen you'll probably want to change/modify lighting in that space to suit the new look and layout. Our kitchens include task/ambient LED lighting where requested in and under cabinetry, but we don’t get involved in general lighting in the kitchen space.

What’s the procedure for getting a new kitchen from Neo Design?

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1. Book a complimentary consultation with our designer. This can be at your place or in the showroom, but preferably on-site, so we can get a feel for the space and take some measurements.

2. Our designer will take all the information from the meeting, then follow-up with an email to you that catalogues your kitchen wish-list, together with an estimated price. At this stage the price is only an approximation because we can't accurately price the kitchen until the design is finalized and all materials chosen.

3. If our price estimate meets your budget, the next step is design. Arguably the most important part of the whole process, the design phase includes further meetings with our designer to refine the concept, select materials and finishes, resolve appliances and more. 2D design drawings and a 3D design render are completed, and the kitchen is accurately costed. 

4. Our designer will show you the design drawings, 3D render, formal quote and written proposal.

5. If you accept the quote and want us to build and install your kitchen, your kitchen is booked into production, and manufacturing drawings are prepared. We liaise with builder/plumber/electrician to ensure all services are prepared and in the correct locations on-site. 

6. Your kitchen is manufactured.

7. Once the kitchen is complete in the factory (but not painted), you will be invited to view it.

8. The kitchen is sent for painting.

9. Your completed kitchen will be delivered to site and installed. Once cabinets have been installed, the bench tops and splash backs will be templated, with installation to follow 10 or so days later. Appliances (hob, oven) are then installed and connected.

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Stunning transformation - the power of good design. SEE MORE >

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LED strip lighting concealed on the underside of cabinetry provides excellent illumination

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Neo Design also do bathrooms, laundries, and wardrobes

Can I use my own designer or will I have to use Neo’s?
Neo work with many designers, not just their own. If your own designer or architect has already designed your kitchen, send us the drawings and we’ll provide a written proposal and quote for the manufacture and installation of that kitchen.
Do I have to pay for a consultation?
Your initial consultation with our designer is complimentary. This gives you, and us, the opportunity to discuss your project, what you want to achieve, and how we can help, without any obligation. Our designer will measure your space, take your ideas and wish-list, and work out an estimated price.
I already have a sketch of my design and know what I want. Does that mean I don’t have to pay for a designers help?
The design drawings form the basis of both a quote and also the preparation of manufacturing drawings. The drawings need to have enough detail including choice of materials, benchtops, hardware and measurements to enable us to do that. If you can deliver that level of detail, we’re happy to work with it
If I just want to refresh my existing kitchen by replacing some fronts and getting new bench tops, will Neo do this kind of work?
Generally we don’t get involved with this type of project. In our experience a revamped kitchen can sometimes end up being almost as expensive as a new one but without all the benefits. While the fronts and tops are new, everything else is unchanged, leading to an underwhelming result for the price and effort involved.
Does Neo make bathroom and laundry joinery too?
Yes, we do all kinds of joinery including laundry, bathroom, scullery and office joinery, but only when they are part of a larger project. This is not a case of being choosy, it is simply not economic for you to get us to design, manufacture and install individual items of joinery.
What types of kitchens does Neo Design specialize in? 
We specialize in kitchens that are custom-designed to a customer’s exact needs. We do not offer off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solutions. In terms of style – traditional, contemporary, minimalist – we have no preference, because it’s what the customer wants that matters. In terms of materials and finish, we are unashamedly high quality. Our team of cabinetmakers will assemble and finish your kitchen using durable materials, hardware and finishes.
Why should I choose Neo Design over other joinery companies? 
A kitchen is a substantial investment, and you need to have confidence in your choice of provider. But how? Look at how long a company has been in business. Do they offer the level of quality that meets your needs and budget? Do they provide testimonials from past customers? Do they offer a complete design, manufacture and installation service? This last one is important because it makes it easier for you, and close liaison between designer and manufacturer ensures better consistency and quality control. With 30 years in the business, and a complete design, manufacture and installation service, we are ideally positioned to deliver you a high quality, custom-designed solution, if that is what you want.
Aren’t all kitchens made from the same materials, regardless of cost?
No. The general rule that you get what you pay for also applies to kitchens. From the board the cabinets are made of, to the paint, drawer hardware, bench tops and lighting – every single component comes in differing qualities. For example, we use water-resistant MDF for all our cabinets because it won’t ‘blow out’ if it gets wet. And just to make doubly sure, we apply a coat of sealer even to surfaces that aren’t seen. Cheaper kitchens might use non-water resistant MDF, or even particle board, that can expand and break down if it gets moisture in it.
Neo kitchens are ‘custom-designed’ – but aren’t ALL kitchens custom-designed?
At one end of the spectrum is the true custom kitchen – every cabinet and panel designed from the ground up to exactly what the customer wants, and to optimize the space available, without compromise. That is a Neo Design custom kitchen. At the other end is a cabinet that you take off the shelf at your local hardware store. Somewhere in between is everybody else, using standard cabinets and configurations that offer a greater or lesser degree of customization and fit.

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Above: a 3D render generated from 2D design drawings, and the finished, installed kitchen. But  which is which? SEE MORE >

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Can I see the kitchen before it gets installed into my house?
Actually, you'll see it twice. First, on paper, when we show you a staggeringly life-like 3D render, and second, when you are invited to view your kitchen in our factory. Every kitchen we make is assembled in the factory for you to view, prior to painting, so there are no surprises and to ensure your satisfaction.
Does Neo Design also install my kitchen?
We have fully qualified cabinetmakers who will install your kitchen. This requires a special skill-set, and attention to detail and care. A beautiful kitchen badly installed is just not that beautiful.
Can Neo recommend other trades like builders, electricians and plumbers?
We can certainly recommend other tradespeople to you as required. Our recommendations are based on knowing they are reliable and do an excellent job. We do not receive any fee or payment for recommending them, and they do not work for Neo Design. 
Can I buy new appliances through Neo at competitive rates if I need them?
We have a relationship with Fisher and Paykel and can source appliances from them at competitive rates. We don’t push you into Fisher and Paykel appliances – many customers source and supply their own appliances, but if you do want F&P, we can certainly give you a competitive price.
Does Neo guarantee its work?
We offer a 10 year guarantee on our workmanship. For all our materials and hardware, we only use 3rd party suppliers that we know from experience deliver a quality product. Blum, Hettich and Hafele are recognized world-wide as the leading suppliers of kitchen hardware, which we use and recommend. Our board, glass, and benchtops are sourced locally from leading suppliers, and our painting is done by an highly experienced Auckland company. Each of these companies will provide their own warranties on their products.
What industry organisations are Neo part of?
We are members of the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bathroom Association) and Master Joiners Association.
What credentials does Neo have?
Please refer to the TESTIMONIALS page on our website – customer feedback is the best credential any company can have.