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Kitchen Remodel Before and After Images

difference between old and new kitchen

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and these images are the proof. Taken from past projects, the photos below show the old kitchen before any work was undertaken, and then after the new kitchen has been installed. See the amazing transformations for yourself.
  Our client was happy with the layout and functionality of the existing kitchen but it was definitely 'times up' for the look and finish. The new kitchen works within the same footprint and even has the same layout, but what a difference! Gone are the heavy dark fronts, metal handles and glass. The new colour palette is just white and wood, with clean handle-free lines for a 'less-is-just-so-much-more' result. SEE MORE >  


This kitchen renovation is a total transformation. Out is the monochromatic, 'safe', rather ho-hum old kitchen. In, is a dramatic and exciting new space, that makes an immediate impact, with its strong, clean lines, and powerful colour choices. What a difference. SEE MORE >



The 90's-style kitchen in this villa had done good service, and the layout worked for the clients, but the style was 30 years out of date. Going back to basics, our clients wisely decided to invest in a style that would be classic, timeless and appropriate for their home. The new look just fits so well it will still look great in another 30 years. SEE MORE >



The old kitchen in this bungalow did the job but lacked any design finesse. Working with a client who wanted minimalist lines and a bold palette resulted in an exciting solution. The sleek layout really opens up the space and the drama of the black and white colour scheme is the finishing touch. SEE MORE >



The original kitchen seriously lacked bench space and the look was dated. Working within the same footprint, the new kitchen has created generous bench space, extended available storage, and the styling is clean, crisp and elegant. SEE MORE>


  The original kitchen design was 'bitsy' and closed off from the rest of the room. Working within the same footprint, the new kitchen has created a more open format, allowing better flow to the open-plan space. The addition of a more generous bar area makes the kitchen more appealing, and the traditional shaker style sits really well in the overall feel of the home. SEE MORE >

  The existing kitchen in this home just didn't take advantage of the available space, nor did it connect with the rest of the room, and storage was lacking. Without increasing the footprint, the new kitchen design addresses these issues and more: much more bench space, an attractive table cum breakfast bar, more usable storage space and all wrapped in an elegant design. SEE MORE >  


The designer of this new kitchen has created a unique and impressive space with cabinets that seem to float. The pure white of the cabinets contrasts beautifully with the timber walls, and the free-floating positioning adds further lightness to the space. Ample storage and bench space completes the picture for a highly functional and aesthetic kitchen. SEE MORE >



Walled off from the surrounding room, the old kitchen was dark and confining and just crying out for a fresh look. And the new kitchen doesn't disappoint - the traditional shaker-style kitchen chosen by our clients is the perfect compliment to their home. Finished in soft grey and white with butchers-block tiles, the open free-flowing space is in stark contrast to the old kitchen. SEE MORE >



When the owners of this classic villa decided to renovate, they had a vision to create an interior that would sit comfortably with the traditional villa style but retained a contemporary aesthetic. The existing kitchen had a modern, albeit dated look, that just didn't belong in this villa.  The new kitchen has a more traditional style that looks impressive in the space and the choice of colours, materials and finishes gives it a modern edge. SEE MORE >