Our gallery of kitchen projects is a great source of inspiration

THUMB kitchen-neo-design-custom-carrara-marble-veneer-auckland
North Shore kitchen timber textures
THUMB kitchen-neo-design-custom-renovation-plywood-white-benchtop-composite-stone
Renovation references bungalow era
THUMB Neo Design Devonport Classic shaker
Devonport kitchen: white shaker style
THUMB kitchen-neo-design-custom-renovation-devonport-white-LED-2
Devonport villa kitchen renovation shines
THUMB kitchen neo design westmere custom renovation white traditional
Westmere in white
THUMB kitchen-neo-design-custom-design-auckland-black-white-modern
Less is more in Westmere kitchen
THUMB Kitchen Neo Design renovation villa classic traditional tiles white 5
Devonport kitchen farmhouse style
THUMB kitchen-neo-design-custom-stainless-steel-bench-white-auckland-renovation
Glendowie kitchen champions storage
THUMB kitchen-Neo-design-minimalist-renovation-white-north-shore-shelves
Milford modern is light and airy
THUMB kitchen-neo-design-renovation-auckland-modern-timber-white
Glass, timber and white create bold lines
THUMB kitchen Neo-Design new-home-build minimalist Auckland wood-veneer corian-benchtop
Minimalist design - maximum enjoyment
THUMB kitchen-design-custom-white-pantry-auckland
Hideaway kitchen disappearing act
THUMB Kitchen neo design custom designer tiles carrara marble white oak shelves
Nature's palette shaker-style
THUMB kitchen-neo-design-red-white-modern-ponsonby
Ponsonby kitchen light adds space
THUMB kitchen-neo-design-1970s-modern-american-oak-westmere
1970s re-imagined in Westmere kitchen
THUMB kitchen-neo-design-custom-designer-marble-white-lacquer-herne-bay
Herne Bay kitchen modern in marble
THUMB kitchen Neo Design custom Black polyurethane classic shaker Auckland
Classic shaker kitchen bold in black
THUMB kitchen-neo-design-designer-auckland-white-lacquer-white-benchtop2
Creating light through colour