Great kitchens start with great design

At Neo Design, we create custom-made kitchens that are specifically designed to fit your space, needs and sense of style. Design excellence is the foundation of everything we do, extending well beyond just the style and finish to include ergonomic and construction considerations. More than just the look you want, we make spaces that are functional, and work the way you do, making cooking and kitchen tasks easier. That's why we believe good design is so important.

When you commission Neo Design to manufacture and install your kitchen, bathroom, or custom joinery, our experienced in-house designers provide a comprehensive design service. 

Do I really need a designer for my new kitchen?

You're going to be spending a lot of time in your new kitchen or bathroom - think several times a day for years to come. So your kitchen needs to look great, and be a joy to work in, and your bathroom should feel like luxurious. It doesn't need to cost more, it just needs to be well-designed, so why wouldn't you? Yet many people planning a new kitchen or bathroom think a designer is unnecessary, indulgent and expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth...

Beautiful kitchens or bathrooms start with great design. More than just style or looks, design is about blending form and function, producing something that looks great, works the way you want it to, and stands the test of time. At Neo we're passionate about the role of design, and a designer kitchen or bathroom is more affordable than you think.

A kitchen or bathroom is a major investment of your time, money and effort, so good design is essential to ensure you get the very best result. Whether a kitchen is professionally designed or not, it will be made to the same standard and cost much the same, but that is where the similarities end. Working in a poorly designed kitchen is simply frustrating.
Will I have to pay for design and is it worth it?

Designers charge for their time like any other qualified, experienced professional. There are so many possible materials, layouts and combinations to consider, that getting it right requires training, experience and knowledge. However, the design fee is not significant in terms of total project cost, and we strongly believe it is a small price with a very big payoff for you. Typically our design fee ranges from $1500 to $3000 depending on the scale and complexity. This amounts to about 5% of the overall cost of a typical Neo kitchen (our kitchens start at approximately $35,000 including GST).



1. With years of experience, good kitchen or interior designers have a wealth of knowledge about layouts, styles, trends, and materials.


A well designed kitchen, bathroom, laundry or interior fit-out will add value to your home (the opposite is also true). That's why we believe design is an investment, not an expense.


Designers know how to navigate building codes, council requirements, technical issues and construction quirks.


Your project must be more than good-looking, it must also be functional: particularly kitchens which are a joy to use when properly ergonomically designed, and a daily  frustration when they're not. Designers know how.


Designers can save you a lot of time, money and frustration
because, simply put, they know what they’re doing. They can oversee and manage the entire project from beginning to completion, taking pressure off you.  A designer has the experience to deal effectively with any unexpected issues that might arise along the way.


Designers know the tricks to make your budget go further, and deliver a solution that is practical and stylish for you and your home.


Designers can produce concept drawings so you can get a visual idea of your kitchen or interior design project before it is made.


A good designer keeps up with the latest trends, and is across developments in new products, materials and kitchen design - you get the benefit of this.


If something isn't right, or wasn't what you bargained for, it's in the interests of the designer to put it right to protect their reputation.


Designers spend years learning their craft to become qualified. They are trained to interpret your needs and wants and create a solution that really does deliver for you.


Use our designers

If you don't have a designer, our own experienced designer would love to work with you to bring your project to life: kitchen, bathroom, laundry, fitted furniture, bookshelves, custom cabinets, stairs and more. You can view our design work here. They'll prepare concept drawings for you to view and approve, and then working plans from which your project will be made.

What if I have my own designer?

Some of our clients already have their own designer or architect whom we are more than happy to work with. Often clients are doing a whole-house build or renovation and we provide manufacturing and installation services for the kitchen, bathroom, cabinetry, built-in furniture etc.
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